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#1 Modular protein supplement for ICU.

ProSource TF is the  #1 selling modular liquid protein supplement made exclusively for tube feeding use.11444 ProSource TF

  • Used by ICU’s in leading US and International hospitals.

ProSource TF is a water thin, high quality liquid protein that can be administered through the feeding tube without mixing or diluting.
Each 45mL sachet has 11 grams of protein and 40 calories.

  • Helps meet protein needs without overfeeding calories for ventilator-assisted and overweight and obese patients.

ProSource TF is ideal for both open and closed tube feeding systems. Its water-like consistency will not contribute to clogging feeding tubes in clean, well maintained tubes. No mixing or dilution required; simply infuse via syringe down feeding tube.

  • Saves significant time; No need to mix reduces risk of cross contamination and clogged tubes from powdered or thick modular protein supplements.

ProSource TF has a PDCAAS of 100 as certified by a nationally recognized independent lab. It is sugar free, contains no artificial sweeteners, colors and dyes or flavors. It is dairy, lactose and gluten free.

  • ProSource TF is virtually allergen free, allowing for broad patient application.

ProSource TF is close to isotonic with an osmolality of just 380 m/Osm/ kg water and will not contribute to tube feed diarrhea. Many other liquid proteins have osmolalities in excess of 3,500 m/Osm/kg water!

  • Will not contribute to tube feed diarrhea.

ProSource TF is ICU’s one product answer for modular protein supplementation for tube feeding.

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