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Banatrol Plus and Warfarin

A new study published in the February 2016 issue of Nutrition in Clinical Practice, V 31 No.1 (ASPEN) concludes that “concomitant use of warfarin and Banatrol Plus may result in a reduced rate and extent of diarrhea and may be associated with subtherapeutic international normalization ratio (INR) and decreased warfarin efficacy. Practitioners must be aware of this potential interaction and closely monitor INR and adjust warfarin doses accordingly.”
The study abstract is listed below.
Banatrol Plus contains <0.550 mcg of Vitamin K per packet- the lowest measure testing is able to detect.  A certificate of analysis from a third party independent lab is  attached.
18470 Banatrol Plus Banana Vitamin K Testing – 1427868-0_COA

Please email us at if you’d like a copy of the complete study.

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