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A life changing story

We often get calls from customers regarding product questions as well as feedback.  Below is a conversation that was had with a member of our team and a customer.  We love hearing from YOU.  Your stories are what we value the most because we know our mission is successful and we are helping people feel better. 

Our customer service manager said that someone on the telephone wanted to speak to me about Banatrol Plus. When I picked up the phone I was met by the sounds of a sobbing woman. When she was finally able to compose herself she told me her story.  She said she was an oncology patient with colon cancer and had undergone more than a year of chemo and radiation therapy. This had left her with liquid diarrhea that she was unable to control leaving her virtually housebound.  She reached a turning point in her ability to cope with it in earlier in the year when she lost complete control of her bowels at the checkout counter of a grocery store. Crying, frustrated, embarrassed and humiliated she vowed to find a solution to her problem.

Researching diarrhea from oncology treatment on the Internet, she came across Banatrol Plus and ordered a box. She started the Banatrol on a Monday, and took it three times each day. By Day 4, she noticed a huge improvement- a formed stool! Within a week the Banatrol Plus was controlling her diarrhea well enough that she accompanied some friends on a short trip 60 miles away!

She now has formed soft stools for the first time in months! She said that she was back to eating normally and even drinking a cup of coffee every day whereas before she could drink only a 1/2 cup every 4-5 days. She said that Banatrol Plus has given her her life back and wanted to personally express her appreciation to us for such an incredible, life-changing product.


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