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Meeting protein needs without overfeeding calories.

ProSource TF is a high protein, very low carbohydrate supplement with an osmolality of just 380 mOsm/kg water, that has been developed with just one purpose in mind- to enable you to increase protein intake of patients being enterally tube fed without increasing their carbohydrates or volume or changing their required enteral feed.
Each 45 mL sachet of ProSource TF contains 11 grams of complete protein with a  PDCAAS score of 100 and just 1 gram of carbohydrate making it ideal when you need to alter the ratio of protein to carbohydrates that are being delivered by their required enteral feed.11444 ProSource TF
What’s more, ProSource TF has the consistency of water- meaning that it can be administered  using a standard enteral syringe into the patient’s feeding tube without requiring further dilution with water and without any risk of tube blockage.
In a Clinical study published in the February 2016 ESPEN Journal, ProSource TF was clinically shown to increase meeting protein requirements using just a high protein feed from  0-55% to 82-100% without overfeeding calories.ProSource TF meets protein needs in ICU better.

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