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Banatrol Plus and Frequency

Banatrol Plus® is a combination of two sources of soluble fiber.  The dehydrated banana flakes assist in improving the consistency of the stool output.  The prebiotic GOS, helps feed good bacteria in the intestines, strengthening colonization resistance.  This means that as we continue to “feed” our bacterial army in our gut, we are strengthening the efforts to ward off any bad bacterial invaders that may try to infiltrate our bodies.

Because Banatrol Plus is a medical food, it can impact people differently. Benefit and impact will be personalized just like nutrition intervention.  Determining what works best for your and your condition will be up to your personal needs and preferences.

Typically Banatrol Plus is used as little as once a day or as much as six times per day.  Trial, observation and adjustment to best meet your specific needs will assist in ensuring the best outcomes.


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