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Banatrol Plus- helps control diarrhea and loose stool. See what people are saying…

Best anti-diarrhea product!
Virtually the only thing that stopped diarrhea from chemotherapy. It’s a god-send.

Helps when NOTHING else worked
I recently came into a bout of intestinal issues and have had diarrhea for two months now. Still doing some tests but NOTHING I found worked including Imodium, IN Guard even a prescription for Motown I was desperate as my lifestyle drastically changed and I teach classes for my company and was petrified I would have an accident as classes run 6 hours. I tried this and I am not back to normal but it did calm things down so there wasn’t “urgencies” and I can go several hours without issues. IT HASN’T made things normal but it has helped when NOTHING else’s did. I don’t think the value is great when you have to take six servings a day to help and for a senior citizen on a budget this is a critical issue

Very effective!
I bought this for my elderly dad. He has loose stools and is incontinent. This has literally stopped his accidents, it’s amazing. I was buying individual packets at a local pharmacy, but buying it in Jars has now been more convenient.

Awesome Product
Its simply a superb product for Diarrhea and loose stools.Just after my first dose I felt awesome. After couple of surgeries over the past 2 years had extreme Diarrhea. Tried so many medications after so many tests but all in vain.This amazing product made my digestive problems disappear even after one time use.
An excellent product beyond words can explain.

Better Than Expected!
This product was recommended to me by my nutritionist. She said it had worked great for many of her patients but she was slightly apprehensive about encouraging me to give it a try due to my rather severe fructose malabsorption. Luckily I faced no ill effects and my symptoms improved! I was so relieved when this product worked for me after trying countless other “solutions” that had failed. I am still experimenting to figure out what the ideal daily serving is for my situation, but the progress I’ve made this far is fantastic. Also, the taste was wayyyy better than expected! I add it into oatmeal for a sweet snack.


For more information on Banatrol Plus or how to order please visit Banatrol Plus

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