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Banatrol Plus vs Hyfiber

Because of the similarities between Banatrol Plus and Hyfiber- both are high fiber- there can be some confusion on their use for bowel management. It is important to know their likeness as well as differences to truly be able to utilize both products to their fullest extent.
While both products are mainly soluble fiber, it’s vital to understand their individual function. Banatrol Plus provides a lower dose of soluble fiber (2gm) mainly coming from banana flakes which are pectin fibers.  Pectin helps bind to liquid in your stool, improving the consistency without hardening the waste or slowing motility. Hyfiber, on the other hand provides a different source of synthetic soluble fiber called polydextrose. Polydextrose, while also a type of soluble fiber, acts as a bulking agent, helping to move waste through our GI tract. Hyfiber also provides six times more fiber(12 gm) per dose than that of Banatrol Plus.
Banatrol Plus also contains BiMuno which is another source of soluble fiber as well as a prebiotic. Bimuno (trans-galactooligosaccaride), is not digested in the stomach or small intestines, making it an ideal fuel source to reestablish the healthy bacteria in our gut. This is particularly important when in the setting of C diff. C-diff, a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes profuse diarrhea, can be challenging to treat. Because it is an infection, antidiarrheal agents which slow or stop gut motility are contraindicated, and a course of strong antibiotics is usually required for treatment. Banatrol may be a great addition to the treatment intervention because it does not slow gut motility, helping the body pass stool and rid it of the infectious bacteria while making bowel movements more formed. Banatrol will also aid in restoring healthy bacterial balance that is often destroyed with the necessary antibiotic treatments for the c-diff infection. Hyfiber contains FOS (fructooligosaccarides) which is also a soluble fiber and prebiotic. While FOS also works similarly to aid in fueling the healthy bacteria of our gut, some research suggests that it may also assist in regulating bowel movements(1). The combination of polydextrose and FOS makes Hyfiber the perfect team to treat irregularity without urgency.
When comparing the products, understand that simplistically, banantrol helps bind to liquid in stool, while Hyfiber helps bulk the stool to promote regularity.

1.) Perit Dial Int. 2016 Jan-Feb;36(1):60-6. doi: 10.3747/pdi.2014.00015. Epub 2014 Oct 7.

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