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Debilitating diarrhea from chemotherapy.

We really enjoy sharing unsolicited testimonials from customers because they reflect just how important our products are to the lives of many people suffering from various health conditions. We greatly appreciate this testimonial from the daughter of the mother suffering from debilitating diarrhea as a side affect from chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.
“I want to share my mother’s story with you.  She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last summer and since has suffered from chronic diarrhea losing a total of 80 pounds.  We tried everything including a complete diet change, a combination of Lomotil (as many as twelve a day) and Imodium. Nothing seemed to control it for her and she basically had to stay at home or very close by.  A dietician at our hospital told us about Banatrol Plus not knowing if it would be of help.  After only three days there was she started seeing results! She has now been using Banatrol Plus for one month to control her diarrhea and she has gained back 4 pounds.
It’s well known that pancreatic cancer is rare and though not many pancreatic cancer patients experience debilitating diarrhea, I feel compelled to share this news.  In searching for an answer to help my mother’s symptoms, I found quite a few blogs and discussion groups of pancreatic cancer patients with the same problem also searching for answers.
My mother really likes the taste of Banatrol Plus as well which is fantastic as patients receiving chemotherapy sometimes have taste difficulties. Please know how grateful we are for your product….keep up the good work!!!”
We’d like to thank C. G. from Raleigh, NC for sharing her story. Lomotil and Imodium work by stopping or slowing gut motility; Banatrol Plus works by solidifying the stool so it can be passed as bulk and not watery diarrhea.

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