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Did you know- Glycerin?

Glycerin is an odorless, colorless liquid that is used in a variety of products including foods, cosmetics, medicines and pesticides. It adds a sweetness to food products without adding sugar because it is considered a sugar alcohol.  This allows products to remain “sugar free” but still adds to the total calorie contribution of the product.  The challenge with glycerin is that in excess, it can contribute to GI distress including cramping, gas, loose stool and diarrhea.

ProSource® liquid proteins do not use glycerin as a sweetener as we find they contribute to the challenges of nutrition intervention rather than the solutions.  Our goal is to formulate products that meet the specific nutritional requirements of patients that need it most.  We have designed our liquid proteins to provide a low volume, predigested protein in a variety of flavor options and calorie contributions as well as the only liquid proteins specific designed to meet the protein needs of the enterally fed population.


For more information about our ProSource product line as well as other products that can help support your patient population, please visit MEDTRITION.COM


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