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Increasing Pureed Food Consumption 2/6/15

A 130-bed nursing home with 30 pureed diets started using Café Puree and Café Parfait about four weeks ago, converting from ‘made from scratch’ purees. During our initial presentation the CP-fruitFSD reported that on the whole residents were only consuming  25-30% of their meals. This meant not only was there a lot of waste but they had to supplement meals with shakes to prevent weight loss.
During a follow up call this week, the FSD said the transformation and acceptance of their new puree program from residents was nothing short of amazing. Consumption was now up to 85-95% of the meal, supplements have been cut back drastically, and most importantly residents have a renewed interest in eating again.
This is just one more example of how visually appealing, good tasting and nutritious foods like Café Puree and Café Parfait can improve the everyday lives of nursing home residents.CP-breakfast

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