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Introducing Cafe Dairy Thickened Milk

We are proud to announce that just as we have reinvented the pureed diet with Café Puree and Café Parfait, bringing to the market meat entrees with 21 grams of protein, the first-ever microwaveable trays, new and exciting pasta purees and innovative pureed desserts to meet the demands of modern healthcare food service, we have now reinvented the thickened dairy market with the introduction of Café Dairy; the only 4oz. ounce frozen nectar and honey consistency thickened milk on the market.Cafe Thickened Dairy by Medtrition
Café Dairy is the better tasting thickened milk. Shelf stable milk is grey in color and has a cooked taste. Café Dairy tastes just like farm fresh milk;  the taste and color is virtually preferred by everyone over aseptically packed shelf stable milk.

The savings is in the serving!

Shelf stable milk not only doesn’t taste like milk but is available in only 8 oz. or 1 liter and 46 oz. cartons. This means that residents either get 3- 8 oz. cartons a day or the facility has expend the labor to hand pour from larger contains. Serving a 4 oz. carton on Café Dairy versus an 8 oz. shelf stable cartons saves the facility 15 to 18 cents per portion per day per resident!
Café Thickened Dairy milk delivers the taste, consistency and convenience you and your residents and patients want!

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