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Is tube feed diarrhea an issue with your patients? 2/16/15

Tube feed diarrhea can run as high as 60-65% among patients in ICU. There are many causes of it including medicines and protein supplements with a high osmolality. Our ProSource TF and ProSource No Carb liquid proteins have the lowest osmolality of any liquid  protein on the market. At under 380 mOsm/kg of water our liquid proteins are virtually isotonic – especially as compared to other liquid proteins on the market that use glycerin as an ingredient which have osmolalities as high as 3,600 mOsm/kg!
So if your tube fed patients are experiencing osmotic diarrhea try switching to ProSource TF or ProSource No Carb liquid proteins. It’s just one more easy thing you can do to eliminate a potential cause of diarrhea.

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