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Managing diarrhea with banana flakes

Banatrol Plus is the #1 selling natural anti-diarrhea medical food that stops diarrhea without stopping or slowing  gut motility.
Diarrhea occurs most often secondary to medication, enteral tube feeding and/or C. diff infection and has great costs to the individual and institution. Anti-diarrhea medications act to decrease GI motility which can lead to a cycle of severe constipation relieved with laxatives which leads again to diarrhea. Currently there are no medications available that can help to manage stool output without decreasing GI motility. In the case of C. diff infections, medications which slow GI motility are contraindicated because they allow for build up of C. diff toxins and increase the risk of bowel perforation.
Banana flakes have been clinically proven to be more effective than anti-diarrhea medications in reducing diarrhea in tube fed critically ill patients, even in those subjects with C. diff infection. The effective component of banana flakes is pectin, a soluble fiber which acts through absorption to reduce watery diarrhea, thicken stool consistency and to promote normalization of colonic fluid composition. Banana flakes also contain potassium which helps to replace losses from watery diarrhea. For C. diff infection, banana flakes augment antibiotic therapy and do not inhibit gut motility. They act to absorb and trap C. diff toxins, thereby reducing the bacterial load with stool elimination.
Prebiotics: Banatrol Plus also contains the prebiotic Trans-galactooligosaccharide (B-GOS) to help restore the  healthful balance of gut microflora. B-GOS is a food source for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut. It is not destroyed or digested in the stomach or small intestine so it reaches the colon where it feeds only the good bacteria. The growth of good bacteria proliferates at a much faster rate than the harmful bacteria which become displaced, thus helping to restore normal gut flora.
Use  Banatrol Plus for diarrhea from antibiotics, tube feed, infectious disease and oncology treatment. Watch our Banatrol Plus video in the Bowel Management product section of our website.

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