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Modular liquid proteins for tube feeding

Replacing powder protein supplements with liquid proteins such as ProSource TF has multiple benefits besides just meeting the protein needs of patients.  ProSource TF for example has the same PDCAAS score of 100 as whey and casein powders, so the quality of the protein used in the powders [typically whey or casein or a blend of whey and casein] vs. liquid is not an issue. Instead the benefits of using ProSource liquid proteins include:ESPEN-PSTF

  • Nurses time or lack thereof
  • Mixing, clumping and clogging of tubes

Here is a further explanation regards each point to compare the benefits of ProSource liquid proteins vs. powder:

  • Nurses Time: Typically when a modular protein is being added, it is done TID to deliver 18 grams of protein. Surveys of nurses suggest that it takes between 5 minutes up to 20 minutes per nurse to do a 30ml pre flush; then completely mix the powder into liquid [usually 60ml] to avoid clumps, then flush the powder mix down the tube followed with a 30- 60 mL post flush. That means that each nurse is spending between 15 minutes and up to 1 hour per patient just to get their additional 18 grams of protein per day in. This labor cost of the nurses time is huge to the facility, and it is why when you analyze the true cost per gram of the powder vs liquid protein, ProSource always wins. By comparison, providing 2 doses of 11 grams each twice a day requires no mixing, no risk of clumps or clogged tubes and takes no more than 5 minutes per patient BID – total 10 minutesor less. When even more protein is needed  the time and labor savings is even greater.
  • Mixing, Clumping and Clogged Tubes: Different modular protein powders are going to be better than others in terms of mixing.  The key is that each powder has to be carefully mixed to break down all the clumps. Clogged feeding tubes are an ongoing problem when a modular protein powder is being used and while there are a variety of anecdotal ways to handle the simple fact is that it is time consuming.

Using ProSource liquid protein insures the easiest, fastest and most efficient delivery of modular protein supplements for tube feed. And now they are clinically proven to better help ICU patients meet protein needs.*
*Clinical Nutrition: ESPEN Critical care: Meeting protein requirements without overfeeding energy. Feb.2016

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