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Pre-formed purees increase consumption

Last year a study using Café Puree pureed foods submitted to the Science Nutrition and Dietetics Department at  Marywood University showed that using pre-made formed pureed foods reduced food cost – both time of preparation and ingredient cost- and were shown to be more appealing due to their consistency of taste and texture.Banner-CafePuree

Now a new study conducted by Melanie Betz MS, RD, LDN, CSG Senior Clinical Dietitian at Johnston R. Bowman Health Center, Rush University Medical Center and  presented at this year’s ASPEN CNW15 conference, concluded that patients who receive formed pureed foods consumed an average of 500 more calories per day than those receiving made from scratch non-formed purees. The study concluded that significantly more patients met at least 75% of their calorie needs after implementing a formed puree programs.
Medtrition Cafe Parfait
Not surprisingly, people ‘eat with their eyes’ at any age. We all want the dignity of being served food that looks as appetizing as they taste. Café Puree offers the best tasting, most eye appealing purees on the market today, with more variety and cooking options than anyone else!
Improved Calorie Protein Intake Following Implementation of Formed Pureed Food.pdf

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