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Features & Specifications

Kcal/mL: 0.5
(When mixed in 240 mL of water)

Protein Source:
Whey, L-arginine (13.5 N2 Eq)
L-glutamine (8.5 N2 Eq)


HCPCS Code: B4155

Appropriate for these diets:
Low Sodium, Gluten Free, Low Residue

Low in Lactose: 0.65 g/serving
Can be used orally or through feeding tube.

Allergen: Milk

Shelf Life: 24 months

Each serving contains:
10 g Whey
7 g L-arginine
7 g L-glutamine
250 mg Vitamin C
12.5 mg elemental Zinc
1 mg copper
Bimuno® prebiotic

Not for use by patients suffering from dehydration, compromised renal functions or liver disease.

Glutamine is contraindicated in liver disease. Not for use by patients in shock or who have multi-organ failure.

Not for individuals with galactosemia.

Not a sole source of nutrition.

Can be used orally or though feeding tube.

Medical Food:
Use under medical supervision.


Ordering information:
Item Number: 11220 Orange Crème
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11220-3
Billing Code: 94688-0112-20
Packaging: 60/42.75 g packets

Since our facility started using ArgiMent AT we have seen chronic non-healing ulcers heal. It also helps keep up the protein levels on our wound vac patients. Patients do not mind the flavor of it, which helps their compliance in taking it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for great outcomes in wound healing.
Eve Goddard RN