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Banatrol Plus

The #1 Natural Anti-diarrheal sold in the US.

High soluble fiber formula from banana flakes works through absorption to solidify the stool to reduce the length of time and severity patients suffer from diarrhea.

Contains Bimuno Prebiotic, clinically proven to enhance beneficial bacteria in the gut to restore normal stool formation.
Effective for diarrhea and loose stools from:

  • C diff– doesn’t slow gut motility. Can be used as soon as C diff is suspected.
  • Antibiotics- can be used prophylactically before diarrhea starts.
  • Tube Feeding- administer through feeding tube
  • Oncology treatment- Banatrol Plus is effective even when pharmacological interventions don’t work.
  • Loose stool- ends the diarrhea-constipation cycle of anti-diarrheal medications.
  • Ostomies – Can be used on an on-going basis to thicken stool output.

18470 Banatrol Plus Banana Flavor Packets (Unsweetened) for tube feeding or add to yogurt, applesauce, juices.

18471 Banatrol Plus Banana Flavor Jar (Unsweetened) for tube feeding or add to yogurt, applesauce, juices.

18475 Banatrol Plus Pineapple Banana Flavor Packets (Sweetened) add to four ounces of water.

Banatrol Plus is a medical food for patients experiencing diarrhea and loose stools associated with the flu, antibiotics, tube feeding, oncology treatment, Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and aging.

Dear Medtrition, Thank you so much!!! Banatrol Plus has made a world of difference to my son. He has short bowel syndrome and has had such a hard time tolerating tube feed and staying hydrated. But once the hospital started him on Banatrol Plus his stool firmed up. It has helped him absorb more formula while also preventing his dehydration. He is just so happy and healthy now.He was born with gastroschisis where his abdominal wall didn’t close all the way and some intestines were outside of his belly. And he had a jejunal artresia where a part is missing so the small intestine wasn’t connected to the abdominal wall. So they ended up taking the majority of both large and small intestines. He’s had about 5 surgeries and now has about 2 feet of small intestine and 1/4 of large intestine. He is completely tube fed and doesn’t take anything by mouth. He has a broviac pic line and is on TPN for half the day and has a g tube and is on enteral feed 24 hours a day. He carries a little backpack with his joey pump. He’s a very tough kid. He will be 2 on May 19th. He definitely does not let any of this slow him down. ”Banatrol Plus has made a world of difference. It’s a wonderful product!! Sincerely, S.C.
S. C.