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Dosing and Administration

One packet of Banatrol Plus TID (three times daily). Titrate the dose as needed with a minimum of one packet/day and maximum of six packets/day. Continue until diarrhea is resolved.

Loose Stools: One packet once or twice a day as needed. Banana-flavored Banatrol Plus is unsweetened and typically added to a moist food or beverage for oral use. Stir one packet into 120 mL of water or fruit juice, or moist foods such as applesauce, yogurt, pudding and oatmeal.

Pineapple Banana–flavored Banatrol Plus is sweetened and can be mixed directly into 120 mL of water for a good-tasting flavored drink.

Tube Feeding:
One packet of Banatrol Plus TID every six to eight hours of feeding. Add 120 mL of room-temperature water to a 240-mL cup. Slowly stir in the contents of one packet of Banatrol Plus. Stir until dissolved. Administer slowly via syringe down tube. Depending on the size of the feeding tube, you may need to use the syringe plunger to gently push mixture down the tube. Flush with 30 ml water before and after administration. Do not mix with tube feeding.

When administering Banatrol Plus via feeding tube, we recommend a size-14 French feeding tube or larger to reduce the risk of clogging the tube. Use a minimum of 120 mL water to mix the product. Slowly stir one packet of Banatrol Plus into 120 mL of water. Mix thoroughly. Infuse via syringe down feeding tube.

Smaller French-size tubes:
Administer each pack of Banatrol Plus in two divided boluses. For small tubes, slowly stir a half-packet of Banatrol Plus into 120 mL water. Mix thoroughly. Infuse via syringe down feeding tube. Flush with 30 mL water and repeat the procedure to administer the second half of the packet.

Some patients with J-tubes may not tolerate the volume of fluid used in the divided-bolus method noted above. In these cases, frequent small doses separated by at least one to two hours maybe better tolerated; i.e., each half-packet of Banatrol Plus mixed with 120 mL of water bolus should be separated by at least one to two hours.

Ostomies (Ileostomy and Colostomy)
Banatrol Plus can help thicken stools for individuals with an ostomy. Adherence to an ostomy diet is required to achieve good results. The healthcare clinician will need to determine the regimen of Banatrol Plus that works for the patient. In general, those with colostomies require the same dose of Banatrol Plus as those without a colostomy. Patients with ileostomies generally require a higher total amount of Banatrol Plus, given in small frequent doses.

Colostomy with loose stools: Start with one packet of Banatrol Plus twice a day, wait three to five days, and adjust dose based on the stool consistency: decrease to one packet for firm stools, or increase to one packet three times a day if needed. Allow at least three days for Banatrol Plus to take effect before increasing the dose.

Over time, the stool from a colostomy starts to “normalize”; many colostomy patients are able to decrease the Banatrol Plus to just one packet a day, one packet every other day, or even none, depending on their diet and other contributing conditions.

Ileostomy with loose/liquid stools: Start with half-packet of Banatrol Plus before and after meals and before bed, wait three to five days, and adjust dose based on stool consistency—often patients are able to determine what works for them. Common regimens that patients have used with good results (thick/less watery stools) include: one packet Banatrol Plus one hour before meals and bed, one hour after meals and at bed, or one to two packets every three to four hours while awake.

For C. Diff infection (CDI): Banatrol Plus augments antibiotic therapy and does not inhibit gut motility. Banatrol Plus acts to thicken the stool and helps to reduce the bacteria load with stool elimination. Unlike anti-diarrheal medications, Banatrol Plus can be started immediately while awaiting stool test results for suspected C. diff infection.

Banatrol Plus contains the prebiotic, Bimuno which is safe for use in immunosuppressed patients. Banatrol Plus does not contain any probiotic – so there is no risk of infection from bacterial cross-contamination.

Not for Parenteral Use

Banatrol Plus is amazing! We have used it now for several patients for diarrhea and it has helped reduce their frequency of bowel movements. The nurses especially love it! One particular patient had diarrhea for 2 weeks; after a few days of using the product he actually saw formed bowel movements, was taken off a fecal management system (rectal tube) and was discharged the next day! Chronic diarrhea and C-Diff is always a concern for patients. Banatrol helps reduce the frequency, duration and length of stay for these patients. A truly innovative product! I also should mention that all these products are very cost effective; most under $1.00/serving! Compared to costly length-of-stay issues, these products truly have the customer in mind!