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Ingredients (Banana): Banana Flakes, Bimuno (transgalactooligosaccharides, lactose, glucose, galactose). Contains Milk.

Ingredients (Pineapple Banana): Banana Flakes, Bimuno (transgalactooligosaccharides, lactose, glucose, gum acacia, galactose), Pineapple Banana and Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Sucralose, Beta-carotene, Salt. Contains Milk.

Store at room temperature.

Shelf life: 24 months

Banatrol Plus is a medical food. Use under supervision of a qualified medical specialist. Not a sole source of nutrition.

Item #Item NamePackBilling Code #
18470Banana75/10.75 gram packets94688-0184-70
18475Pineapple Banana75/11 gram packets94688-0184-75

I am a wound care nurse and do consulting at a group of nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area. The dietician for the nursing homes recently starting using Banatrol Plus for our residents with loose stools related to tube feeding. I know we often use feedings with fiber, but this doesn’t work for all of our residents, especially those with c.diff. As the wound care nurse, I get to see firsthand the damage that diarrhea can cause to an older person’s skin. I have to say, this stuff really works – it takes a couple of days to kick in and we don’t always get perfectly formed stools – sometimes formed and sometimes pasty, but not watery. This might be too much information, but we are seeing fewer problems with skin breakdown caused by frequent loose stools – so I now think of Banatrol Plus as a wound care product and thought you would appreciate hearing from a CWOCN.