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What people have been saying about the benefits of Banatrol Plus.

As a Registered Dietitian I value Medtrition’s real food approach to healing. I have experience with Banatrol Plus and UtyMax and although I have not done scientific research with these products I can say that they have worked for my residents in long term care and I value having another option to try other than the usual medications.

H. Richter, RDN, Fingerlakes Center For Living, Auburn, NY

Dear Medtrition, Thank you so much!!! Banatrol Plus has made a world of difference to my son. He has short bowel syndrome and has had such a hard time tolerating tube feed and staying hydrated. But once the hospital started him on Banatrol Plus his stool firmed up. It has helped him absorb more formula while also preventing his dehydration. He is just so happy and healthy now.

He was born with gastroschisis where his abdominal wall didn’t close all the way and some intestines were outside of his belly. And he had a jejunal artresia where a part is missing so the small intestine wasn’t connected to the abdominal wall. So they ended up taking the majority of both large and small intestines. He’s had about 5 surgeries and now has about 2 feet of small intestine and 1/4 of large intestine. He is completely tube fed and doesn’t take anything by mouth. He has a broviac pic line and is on TPN for half the day and has a g tube and is on enteral feed 24 hours a day. He carries a little backpack with his joey pump. He’s a very tough kid. He will be 2 on May 19th. He definitely does not let any of this slow him down. ”

Banatrol Plus has made a world of difference. It’s a wonderful product!!
Sincerely, S.C.

S. C.

All the docs are so intrigued with Banatrol Plus…it’s getting great response! AND it’s working! One doctor told one of the other dietitians in the elevator today that she tried it on a patient and the diarrhea stopped. The few other ones we tried it on have been successes too.

Clinical Nutrition Manager, Hospital, Alexandria, VA

Our facilities have experienced tremendous outcomes for over two years since we began implementing Banatrol Plus as our first line of defense against all loose stools, diarrheas and CDiff. It is delicious, unique, simple and absolutely effective…a real positive for quality of life, reducing staff intervention time and odor control.

Loranne Dotter, RD, CDN, Vice President of Dietary Services, Absolut Facilities Management

The Banatrol Plus has been a big help with our patients with C.Diff diarrhea, even those on tube feedings.


I am a wound care nurse and do consulting at a group of nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area. The dietician for the nursing homes recently starting using Banatrol Plus for our residents with loose stools related to tube feeding. I know we often use feedings with fiber, but this doesn’t work for all of our residents, especially those with c.diff. As the wound care nurse, I get to see firsthand the damage that diarrhea can cause to an older person’s skin. I have to say, this stuff really works – it takes a couple of days to kick in and we don’t always get perfectly formed stools – sometimes formed and sometimes pasty, but not watery. This might be too much information, but we are seeing fewer problems with skin breakdown caused by frequent loose stools – so I now think of Banatrol Plus as a wound care product and thought you would appreciate hearing from a CWOCN.


We have a 9 year old girl who has had a small bowel transplant. Her transplant is failing and she suffers from chronic watery stools. We tried Banatrol, and according to her mom it has been the only thing that has helped her stool to be more formed.

Registered Dietitian, Children’s Hospital

I had a patient in the PICU (tube-feeding dependent) who has been having ongoing diarrhea for the past year, being treated on and off for c.diff. I started him on Banatrol and it controlled his diarrhea. He has since been discharged and now orders it on line!

Registered Dietitian, Children’s Hospital

We found that using Banatrol manages Diarrhea caused by Infectious disease, C-Diff very well in our facility. Residents love the fact that it’s tasty and very effective; we had a resident that the MD ordered Banatrol for 7 days and on the 3rd day she was on the bowel list, we love this product.

Deb Nooks, RD, Mountain View Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers.

Banatrol Plus is amazing! We have used it now for several patients for diarrhea and it has helped reduce their frequency of bowel movements. The nurses especially love it! One particular patient had diarrhea for 2 weeks; after a few days of using the product he actually saw formed bowel movements, was taken off a fecal management system (rectal tube) and was discharged the next day! Chronic diarrhea and C-Diff is always a concern for patients. Banatrol helps reduce the frequency, duration and length of stay for these patients. A truly innovative product!
I also should mention that all these products are very cost effective; most under $1.00/serving! Compared to costly length-of-stay issues, these products truly have the customer in mind!