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Cafe Thickened Dairy

Convenient 4 fl.oz. serving

Café Thickened Dairy is the better tasting thickened milk! Packed in convenient 4 oz. cartons, Café Thickened Dairy meets the nectar and honey consistencies for your swallowing impaired residents while eliminating waste and reducing costs.

Café Thickened Dairy is pasteurized and then flash frozen to retain its fresh milk taste and appearance. It’s a refreshing change from shelf stable aseptically processed milk which has a cooked taste and  off-white appearance.

Café Thickened Dairy milk looks and tastes just like fresh milk and its 4 oz. carton means that you are serving just the size the patient wants and  not wasting an 8 oz. carton that aseptically packed milk comes in.

Made from real 2% reduced fat milk that has been fortified with Vitamins A and D, Café Thickened Dairy milk delivers the real milk taste and convenient serving size you and your patients want!


Switching to 4 oz. Cafe Thickened Dairy Milk from 8 oz. shelf stable milk is a ‘no brainer’; Café Dairy tastes way better, there’s less waste, better consumption and saves money!
LTC Food Service Director