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Features & Specifications

Kcal/ml: 0.66

Caloric Distribution (% of kcal)
Protein: 0%
Carbohydrate: 100%
Fat: 0%

Osmolality: 330 mOsm/Kg water

HCPCS Code: B4104

Appropriate for these diets:
Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Low Residue, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Carbohydrate Controlled

Can be used orally or through feeding tube.

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Shelf life: 24 months

Contains prebiotic FOS and polydextrose

Works for clear liquid diets.

Can be taken orally from medicine cup or used to create fiber rich foods and beverages.

Reduces the chronic use of laxatives and stool softeners. (Patients with Neurogenic bowel such as with spinal cord injury may still require bowel medications.)

Does not affect the absorption of medications.

Not a sole source of nutrition.

A Medical Food
Use under medical supervision.


Ordering information:
Item Number: 18485 Mild Citrus
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-18485-9
Billing Code: 94688-0184-85
Packaging: 4/32 fl. oz. bottles

Item Number: 18490 Mild Citrus
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-18490-3
Billing Code: 94688-0184-90
Packaging: 100/1 fl. oz. packets

We implemented the HyFiber bowel management program in our facility and we’ve been able to get almost all of our residents off bowel med and laxatives. Thanks.