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What people are saying about the benefits of Hyfiber.

One of our dialysis patients with a history of very severe chronic constipation started to use HyFiber, and the results were remarkable for her!  When she shared the information that she had started the HyFiber and how well it had worked for her, it was as if she had a life-changing event!

Another HyFiber case actually involves my own mother who has experienced great success with this product. She only had to take it once every other day to stay regular, and she has enjoyed the convenience of the single-serving packets when she is travelling.

Janice Brown, MSPH, RD, CDN, Brooks Memorial Hospital

Since adopting HyFiber Liquid as our primary bowel management intervention, we have been able to drastically reduce reliance on stool softeners, laxatives, suppositories and enemas. Patient quality of life and involvement in activities has also grown. It is the absolute best product that we have ever used with patients who are not “good drinkers”. Our staff swears by the clinical and quality of life benefits of this very cost-effective product!

Loranne Dotter, RD, CDN, Vice President of Dietary Services, Absolut Facilities Management

The liquid HyFiber is so much better than powder fiber supplements – no more “fiber blockages” and we use it for all of our residents, even those with dysphagia.


We implemented the HyFiber bowel management program in our facility and we’ve been able to get almost all of our residents off bowel med and laxatives. Thanks.


Hyfiber has been really effective in this facility; it eliminates the need for other stool softeners, laxatives, enemas and other bowel meds, its also Lactose and sugar free, and does not seem to affect medication absorption. Hyfiber is also very ideal for residents on fluid restriction. Hyfiber is very “cost effective”. LOVE this product.

Deb Nooks, RD, Mountain View Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers