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PreB2 Prebiotic with Bimuno

For the dietary management of gut health and diarrhea:
Antibiotic Diarrhea, Tube Feeding Diarrhea, Infectious Disease Diarrhea, C-Diff.

PreB2 contains 2.75 grams of the prebiotic Bimuno, the only second generation prebiotic (B-GOS) available that offers dual functionality beyond simple prebiotic effect; it increases and strengthens beneficial bacteria and immunity boosting bifidobacteria.

Probiotic supplements and foods such as yogurt that contain live bacteria have a restricted role in the management of gut health due to the problems of survivability in the large intestine. PreB2 with Bimuno is a food source for the gut’s beneficial bacteria and works in the following way:

  • Reaches the small intestine intact where it inhibits adhesion of G.I. pathogenic bacteria
  • In the large intestine, it is fermented by the specific beneficial bacteria which leads to a change in the pH balance resulting in a positive change in the microflora. This selective fermentation increases and strengthens the immunity boosting bacteria (bifidobacteria).
  • There is a positive direct effect on the innate immune system resulting from increased NK cell and phagocytic activity (removal of pathogens and cell debris).
  • The net effect is enhancement in gut health and general wellbeing.
Previously, one particular resident was receiving 1 Activia yogurt daily. This was not cutting it. The family had questioned the use of a bulking agent, such as Metamucil, as her stools were very runny. I thought of PreB2 and we gave it a try using 1 packet once daily. Staff noticed a positive effect on reduced loose bowel stools. Her stools are more formed as opposed to the liquidy stools that she was having prior. She doesn’t have as many incontinent episodes as she used to. I will note that PreB2 has not completely “cured” her, as looking at her chart, she does still have the occasional loose incontinent episode. Overall though, I would agree that PreB2 has alleviated her symptoms of IBS.
Cassie Baillargeon, RD, Horace Nye Home