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Features & Specifications

Kcal/mL: 0.73

Caloric Distribution (% of kcal)
Protein: 90%
Carbohydrate: 10%
Fat: 0%

Protein Source:
Hydrolyzed collagen
Whey protein isolate

Osmolality: 364 mOsm/Kg water

Appropriate for These Diets:
Clear Liquids, Low Fat, Cholesterol Modified, Gluten Free, Fluid Restricted, Carbohydrate Controlled, Dysphagia Thickened Liquid

Lactose free

Contains no Vitamin K.
Contains citrus.

Allergen: Milk

Shelf Life: 18 months, shelf stable

For oral use only.

Not a sole source of nutrition.

A high-protein gelatin.


Ordering information:
Item Number: 11691 Orange
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11691-1
Billing Code: 94688-0116-91
Packaging: 36/4 fl. oz. single-serve cups

Item Number: 11692 Lime
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11692-8
Billing Code: 94688-0116-92
Packaging: 36/4 fl. oz. single-serve cups

Item Number: 11693 Fruit Punch
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11693-5
Billing Code: 94688-0116-93
Packaging: 36/4 fl. oz. single-serve cups

This product is surprisingly delicious and is generally well accepted by the residents here. I like it for its versatility—I can give it to people on thickened liquids and to people who don’t like the ‘milky’ products.
Deborah Brooks, MS, RD, LDN, Baptist Homes