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Product Information

Maintaining protein stores is essential for recovery. Patients who are protein malnourished or who have lost lean body mass—the engine that drives metabolism—are at an increased risk for complications. Without adequate protein intake, patients who undergo surgery heal more slowly.

One cup of ProSource Gelatein 20 contains 20 grams of protein, or as much protein as a three-ounce serving of chicken breast. The Academy of Food and Nutrition recommends that each day patients under metabolic and catabolic stress take in up to 2.0 grams of protein per kg of body weight. Three cups of Gelatein 20 as a snack will help patients reach that goal faster, especially those who cannot or do not feel like eating.

How much protein do you provide your patients on clear liquid diets?
Patients on clear liquid diets for more than two days require protein supplementation. Just two servings a day of ProSource Gelatein 20 provide 40 grams of high quality protein, so even patients on clear liquid diets will have their basic protein needs met, helping reduce the risk of related hospital-acquired malnutrition.

Not only does Gelatein 20 taste great, it is low in electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, so it’s an excellent protein source for renal disease and bariatric patients, too.


I am the Clinical RD for a ltc/rehab facility. We have been using Medtrition products for over 3 years. Our residents have shown significant progress in protein malnutrition and wound healing from using ProSource NoCarb, ArgiMent AT, ProSource ZAC, ProSource TF, Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus. The Nursing Staff has been able to achieve excellent outcomes with Stage II, III and IV wounds. They are all more well-accepted by the residents and easier to administer than the previous supplements and modalities. With the fast pace of admissions, discharges, rehab and surgical needs, we have determined that Medtrition has come to answer all our needs for supplementation. Flexibility, dosages, ease of administration, shelf stability, taste acceptance, nutritional content and educational support are typical descriptions I receive from staff regarding Medtrition’s products and their Sales Representative and Support Staff.
Karen Bohn, RD, MS, LD, CD