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What our customers have to say.

I am the Clinical RD for a ltc/rehab facility. We have been using Medtrition products for over 3 years. Our residents have shown significant progress in protein malnutrition and wound healing from using ProSource NoCarb, ArgiMent AT, ProSource ZAC, ProSource TF, Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus. The Nursing Staff has been able to achieve excellent outcomes with Stage II, III and IV wounds. They are all more well-accepted by the residents and easier to administer than the previous supplements and modalities. With the fast pace of admissions, discharges, rehab and surgical needs, we have determined that Medtrition has come to answer all our needs for supplementation. Flexibility, dosages, ease of administration, shelf stability, taste acceptance, nutritional content and educational support are typical descriptions I receive from staff regarding Medtrition’s products and their Sales Representative and Support Staff.

Karen Bohn, RD, MS, LD, CD

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after tasting Gelatein I was sold. With most protein supplements you expect an aftertaste but not with Gelatein! We started introducing high calorie Gelatein Plus flavors to our patients and residents and then quickly brought in sugar free Gelatein 20 as well. They really help fight flavor fatigue and give patients a refreshing new choice! Our physicians and nurse practitioners absolutely love them too!


We have been implementing Gelatein 20 to address protein malnutrition and enhance the effectiveness of our wound care protocol. It is also the perfect product for bariatric patients and has the added benefit of being appropriate for dysphagia diets. We are especially excited to add the new Gelatein 20 to our formulary to benefit those residents that are picky eaters and have volume intake issues.

Loranne Dotter, RD, CDN, Vice President of Dietary Services, Absolut Facilities Management

I am the dietitian at our hospital’s cancer unit and am very happy with your Gelatein 20 protein supplement. We’ve been using Gelatein 20 for the past few months with good acceptance by our patients. As the dietitian, I’m always encouraging the patients to try to eat more protein, but many of our patients have poor appetites, especially on treatment days. We have different supplements that we give to our patients, but not all our patients need extra calories, and some of our patients with head and neck cancer have swallowing problems and need thickened liquids. It’s great having a supplement that patients like and that can be given to any patient, even those with diabetes or dysphagia.


Thank you for the free samples of Gelatein 20 for my husband—it’s perfect for him. His diabetes doctor told him he needed to eat more protein to help heal the sore on his foot. I looked at lots of different supplements, but even the diabetic supplements still contained sugar and not that much protein. From what I found, the Gelatein 20 has more protein and fewer calories than other supplements. My husband likes the taste and I’ve ordered a case for him. Thanks again.


Just wanted to drop you a note about your Gelatein 20. We started selling the Gelatein 20 in our hospital’s staff cafeteria a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if it would sell or not, but thought I’d try a case. Well, I just ordered five more cases.


I had to write and tell you how much I love your Gelatein 20. I recently had gastric bypass surgery and have returned to work. I was trying to come up with high-protein foods that I could pack for lunch. My dietician suggested your Gelatein 20. I love it. I keep it at my desk and snack on it throughout the day. The best part is, it looks just like a regular snack, not a protein supplement—so none of my coworkers know the difference. Thanks a bunch.


Thank you so much for your product Gelatein 20. My dad is a dialysis patient and has had a pressure ulcer for a long time. He was given different supplements like Ensure, but they always gave him diarrhea. His dietician at the dialysis center gave him a sample of Gelatein 20. He liked it so much that I bought him a case. He’s been taking 1–2 cups a day, and at his last checkup his doctor said his wound was starting to heal! I can’t thank you enough.


I am the dietitian at an acute rehabilitation hospital. Many of our patients are admitted post-trauma with pressure ulcers and/or surgical wounds. Unfortunately, many are also obese, have elevated blood sugars, and are on dysphagia diets for the first 2–3 weeks. I was so excited when I found out that your protein supplement, Gelatein 20, was not only sugar free, but also considered a thickened liquid! We have seen great results with the Gelatein 20 and I just wanted to say thanks.


I usually do not write product testimonials, but your Gelatein 20 is one of the best protein supplements I have ever used. I work as a dietitian in an acute care hospital and cover the med-surg unit. For years, many of our surgical patients ended up on clear liquid diets for days. Much of my time was spent pushing to get their diets advanced to at least full liquids to provide protein. Clear liquid diets contain no protein, and surgical patients have higher protein needs. We started using Gelatein 20 in place of regular gelatin, on our clear liquid diets, so we were able to reduce the grams of sugar and provide 60 grams of protein a day! Thank you for such a practical solution to one of my toughest problems.