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ProSource Gelatein Plus with MCT oil

Now Lactose Free!

ProSource Gelatein Plus with MCT oil is a ready to serve gelatin with 220 calories and 20 grams of protein packed in 4 ounces of the best tasting gelatin you’ve ever had!

It’s a cool and refreshing supplement that gives your residents and patients a fresh new choice from the same old chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes. You won’t find any Gelatein Plus being tossed down the drain like you do with shake supplements

Gelatein Plus is made with MCT oil- medium chain triglycerides- the preferred fuel source by healthcare professionals because it requires less energy for absorption, utilization and storage than long chain triglycerides like corn or soy oil found in most shakes. MCT oil is well tolerated and easily digested. Once it enters the blood stream it is transported directly into the liver where it can be rapidly converted for cellular energy without having to be broken down first by pancreatic enzymes.

Standard high calorie supplements contain intact protein and rely on excess sugar and omega 6 oils for calories which can heighten inflammation during critical illness. Gelatein Plus provides the protein and calories your patients need for recovery or weight gain using hydrolyzed protein and MCT oil for easier absorption and without contributing to hyperglycemia or the inflammatory response in metabolically stressed or diabetic patients.

Appropriate for nectar-thick and honey-thick dysphagia diets

Shelf stable. Does not require refrigeration.

Cardiac Malnutrition, Chyle Leak Diets, COPD, Chronic Diarrhea, Diabetic foot ulcers, Diverticulitis, Fistulas, Dysphagia Diets, Low Residue Diets, Malabsorption Syndromes, Pancreatic Disease able to tolerate clear liquid diet, Gastrointestinal Disorders (Crohn’s, Celiac, IBD, Ulcerative Colitis), Pressure Injury, Protein Energy Malnutrition, Renal Disease, Surgical wounds and any condition requiring a low volume and/or clear liquid, and/or high protein-high calorie supplement.

Not a sole source of nutrition.