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Product Information

Gelatein Plus are high calorie, high protein and great tasting gelatins. Using hydrolyzed collagen protein for rapid utilization and absorption and whey protein isolate, Gelatein Plus delivers a full 20 grams of protein  per serving giving the body the protein and calories it needs for recovery from post operative surgery, wound healing and protein and calorie malnutrition.

Gelatein Plus gelatin are appropriate for these special diets:
•  Clear Liquids
•  Low Fat
•  Cholesterol Modified
•  Gluten Free
•  Fluid Restricted
•  High protein, High Calorie
•  Dysphagia Thickened Liquid diets

Another truly innovative product! Most of my patients will eat dessert before they will their meal, and do not eat much meat. This product is awesome for people with swallowing problems as well. One patient commented “It goes down much easier” and his sister even wanted to get ordering information for the product because it was so successful! Many patients whom are not eating we are finding they will eating Gelatein Plus because it looks like a regular dessert and don’t mind the flavor as well.
R. Packard, Jr., Director of Dietetic Services, Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley, WV.