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Product Information

ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein acts to meet the increased protein needs associated with periods of metabolic stress or inadequate intake, allowing for maintenance or restoration of body protein stores.

Under normal conditions, intact or whole dietary proteins (long chains of amino acids known as polypeptides) are hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes. This enzymatic hydrolysis “digests” or breaks down whole proteins into smaller components of amino acids and peptides to facilitate absorption.

However, metabolic stress reduces digestive enzyme availability and activity. To determine a resident’s risk for protein malnutrition and skin failure, an assessment of protein status is performed as part of the baseline nutrition evaluation. A resident’s protein status indicates his or her ability to synthesize non-essential amino acids and to absorb and utilize essential amino acids. As protein status declines, the resident is at higher risk for the development of pressure injury, poor wound healing, and infection.

ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein is a complete hydrolyzed protein that provides all the dispensable and indispensable amino acids required for protein building (transamination) in a concentrated, sugar-free form that requires fewer digestive enzymes for absorption than intact protein. ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein is sugar free and low in phosphorous, potassium, and sodium, and complies with most dietary restrictions.

Indications: Typically used for, but not limited to, meeting the needs of the nutritionally at risk; clinically proven to help raise albumin levels in dialysis patients; ideal for diabetics; and the perfect no-carbohydrate supplement for gastric bypass.

I am the Clinical RD for a ltc/rehab facility. We have been using Medtrition products for over 3 years. Our residents have shown significant progress in protein malnutrition and wound healing from using ProSource NoCarb, ArgiMent AT, ProSource ZAC, ProSource TF, Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus. The Nursing Staff has been able to achieve excellent outcomes with Stage II, III and IV wounds. They are all more well-accepted by the residents and easier to administer than the previous supplements and modalities. With the fast pace of admissions, discharges, rehab and surgical needs, we have determined that Medtrition has come to answer all our needs for supplementation. Flexibility, dosages, ease of administration, shelf stability, taste acceptance, nutritional content and educational support are typical descriptions I receive from staff regarding Medtrition’s products and their Sales Representative and Support Staff.
Karen Bohn, RD, MS, LD, CD