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What ours customers have to say.

I am the Clinical RD for a ltc/rehab facility. We have been using Medtrition products for over 3 years. Our residents have shown significant progress in protein malnutrition and wound healing from using ProSource NoCarb, ArgiMent AT, ProSource ZAC, ProSource TF, Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus. The Nursing Staff has been able to achieve excellent outcomes with Stage II, III and IV wounds. They are all more well-accepted by the residents and easier to administer than the previous supplements and modalities. With the fast pace of admissions, discharges, rehab and surgical needs, we have determined that Medtrition has come to answer all our needs for supplementation. Flexibility, dosages, ease of administration, shelf stability, taste acceptance, nutritional content and educational support are typical descriptions I receive from staff regarding Medtrition’s products and their Sales Representative and Support Staff.

Karen Bohn, RD, MS, LD, CD

I work in an LTAC facility where most patients have multiple problems—they’re diabetic, overweight, fluid restricted, and have some type of wound. It is pretty tough meeting their protein needs without excess calories and fluid. We start them out on the ZAC and once their wound has closed, we change them to the Orange Crème NoCarb. It is so nice to finally have an answer for these patients! Thank you.


The ProSource Liquid Protein NoCarb is great—our diabetic residents love the Orange Crème flavor over diet ice cream or mixed in iced tea.


The versatility of this product is awesome! [The neutral flavor] is virtually flavorless and thus can be used in a wide variety of foods. It has contributed to patient satisfaction because using a protein powder results in less patient compliance. The liquid is also very convenient for feeding tubes, which can get clogged if the protein powder is not mixed right. It also saves time for busy nurses and give more protein in one serving than in three servings of the powder.

R. Packard, Jr., Director of Dietetic Services Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley, WV.

I recommend the Medtrition protein products to all of my colleagues and friends who work at other facilities. We plan on continuing to use these products. Also, [Medtrition’s] field team is very aware, and up to date, on changes and new products and ideas.


I’m the Director of Nursing Service at a smaller nursing and rehab facility in Rhode Island, and we use ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein. We’ve tried other proteins and find that they aren’t as good for our patients because some of them upset the patients’ digestive tracts. I recommend ProSource NoCarb by Medtrition.


I’m a Registered Dietitian, Renal Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Diabetes Educator at a major Boston-area hospital. We use all of the protein formulas that are made by Medtrition, including their ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein, ProSource Dual-Action Powder, and XtraCal Plus.

Renal Nutrition Specialist

We have been using ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein for over a year. With a large population of residents that must deal with serious physical and emotional challenges, we have tried a number of liquid and powdered proteins in the past with mixed results. We find that ProSource NoCarb, in the neutral flavor, is a great choice for us because it mixes with so many different things, from bean soup and yogurt to applesauce and bread stuffing. And there is no comparison when you look at ProSource versus what is offered by other companies. Our residents really like ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein.

Clinical Dietitian, Hogan Regional Medical Center, Danvers, MA