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The daily dose of ProSource Plus Liquid Protein is based on the resident’s intake and individual needs as assessed by the dietitian or qualified healthcare provider. In general, however, two to four servings (30 mL each) per day are suggested. The amount of ProSource Plus Liquid Protein dispensed per serving can also be adjusted to meet individual needs; i.e., instead of 30 mL three times a day, 45 mL twice a day could be given.

For pressure injuries or surgical wounds with moderate to heavy drainage: A minimum of three to four servings (30 mL each) is suggested to help replace protein lost in the wound drainage.

For renal disease: Uremic malnutrition as seen in renal disease is associated with loss of appetite and nutrient malabsorption, with those on dialysis also experiencing protein loss during treatment. A minimum of 30 mL twice a day is suggested to enhance protein absorption with inflammation and to replace protein losses for those residents receiving dialysis (HD or PD).

For clear liquid diets: A minimum of three servings (30 mL each) a day is suggested.

Oral: Use ProSource Plus Liquid Protein as a med pass directly from the bottle (or packet) or add it to all types of beverages, soups, hot and cold foods, and purees. Saves nursing time, storage space, waste and kitchen labor. Unlike powdered protein supplements, it mixes easily into all liquids and moist foods.

Tube: Ideal for both open- and closed-tube feeding systems. Will not clog feeding tubes. Mix with 30 mL water. Stir until completely dissolved. Infuse via syringe down feeding tube. Flush tube with 15–30 mL water before and after administration.
Appropriate for NG-tube, G-tube and J-tube.

I work as a dietitian in a large rehab hospital. We recently admitted from our outpatient facility a 46-year-old woman diagnosed with ambulatory dysfunction status after a gastric bypass six months earlier. She presented with a significant weight loss of at least 75 lbs.—her actual amount of weight loss was masked by marked edema related to severe protein malnutrition with an albumin of 1.7 and prealbumin of <3.0. She also had obvious signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Her diet history revealed that she had tried several powdered and liquid proteins as well as typical oral supplements, but was unable to tolerate any of these products. Her daily intake consisted of several quarts of iced tea and about 6 ounces of yogurt. She reluctantly agreed to try ProSource Plus, which, to her surprise, she tolerated. She was ordered 4 ounces of ProSource Plus and one pack of VitaMent, both of which she mixed in her iced tea. By the end of her three-week stay, she was making gains in therapy and reported feeling ‘better’ and ‘less tired’. She was very happy with her progress and couldn’t thank me enough for helping her. Thank you for making products that work.