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11454 Packet/Neutral Flavor
11654 Packet/Neutral Flavor
11664 Packet/Citrus Berry
11674 Packet/Orange Crème
11651 Bottle/Neutral Flavor
11661 Bottle/Berry Punch
11671 Bottle/Orange Crème

Features & Specifications

Kcal/mL: 3.33

Caloric Distribution (% of kcal)
Protein: 60%
Carbohydrate: 40%
Fat: 0%

Protein Source:
Hydrolized Collagen
Whey Protein Isolate
Complete protein with 100% indispensable amino acids

Osmolality: 600 mOsm/kg water

HCPCS Code:  B4155

Appropriate for these diets:
Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Low Residue, Fluid Restricted

Can be used orally or through feeding tube. Mixes easily in all liquids and moist foods.

Not recommended to be added directly to enteral formula.

Clinically proven to raise albumin levels in hemodialysis patients.

Berry Punch and Orange Crème flavors contain citrus.

Allergen: Milk

Shelf Life: 18 months, shelf stable
Do not refrigerate. Discard three months after opening.

Not a sole source of nutrition.

A Medical Food
Use under medical supervision.


Ordering information:
Item Number: 11454 Neutral Flavor
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11454-2
Billing Code: 94688-0114-54
Packaging: 100/1 fl. oz. packets

Item Number: 11654 Neutral Flavor
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11654-6
Billing Code: 94688-0116-54
Packaging: 100/1 fl. oz. packets

Item Number: 11664 Citrus Berry
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11664-5
Billing Code: 94688-0116-64
Packaging: 100/1 fl. oz. packets

Item Number: 11674 Orange Crème
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11674-4
Billing Code: 94688-0116-74
Packaging: 100/1 fl. oz. packets

Item Number: 11651 Neutral Flavor
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11651-5
Billing Code: 94688-0116-51
Packaging: 4/30 fl. oz. bottles

Item Number: 11661 Berry Punch
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11661-4
Billing Code: 94688-0116-61
Packaging: 4/30 fl. oz. bottles

Item Number: 11671 Orange Crème
Case UPC: 5-07-94688-11671-3
Billing Code: 94688-0116-71
Packaging: 4/30 fl. oz. bottles


The versatility of this product is awesome! [The neutral flavor] is virtually flavorless and thus can be used in a wide variety of foods. It has contributed to patient satisfaction because using a protein powder results in less patient compliance. The liquid is also very convenient for feeding tubes, which can get clogged if the protein powder is not mixed right. It also saves time for busy nurses and give more protein in one serving than in three servings of the powder.
R. Packard, Jr., Director of Dietetic Services, Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley, WV.