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What our customers have to say.

I work as a dietitian in a large rehab hospital. We recently admitted from our outpatient facility a 46-year-old woman diagnosed with ambulatory dysfunction status after a gastric bypass six months earlier. She presented with a significant weight loss of at least 75 lbs.—her actual amount of weight loss was masked by marked edema related to severe protein malnutrition with an albumin of 1.7 and prealbumin of <3.0. She also had obvious signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Her diet history revealed that she had tried several powdered and liquid proteins as well as typical oral supplements, but was unable to tolerate any of these products. Her daily intake consisted of several quarts of iced tea and about 6 ounces of yogurt. She reluctantly agreed to try ProSource Plus, which, to her surprise, she tolerated. She was ordered 4 ounces of ProSource Plus and one pack of VitaMent, both of which she mixed in her iced tea. By the end of her three-week stay, she was making gains in therapy and reported feeling ‘better’ and ‘less tired’. She was very happy with her progress and couldn’t thank me enough for helping her. Thank you for making products that work.


We use all of the liquid proteins (NoCarb, Plus, and ZAC). Our residents prefer the taste of these to similar products of other brands. At 2–3 small doses per day, these products have made a tremendous impact on healing wounds, while avoiding overwhelming our residents, who often have small appetites. We’ve also used the Plus to promote extra calories and protein when other high-calorie med pass supplements have been turned down.

Cassie Baillargeon, RD, Horace Nye Home.

The versatility of this product is awesome! [The neutral flavor] is virtually flavorless and thus can be used in a wide variety of foods. It has contributed to patient satisfaction because using a protein powder results in less patient compliance. The liquid is also very convenient for feeding tubes, which can get clogged if the protein powder is not mixed right. It also saves time for busy nurses and give more protein in one serving than in three servings of the powder.

R. Packard, Jr., Director of Dietetic Services, Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley, WV.

I’m happy to write you an endorsement letter for the great products that your company makes. We use ProSource Liquid Protein and find that it is the best product for our needs when working with patients who need additional protein. It is the best-tasting liquid protein and comes in three flavors, so we can help all of our patients. We use another of your products—XtraCal Plus, with both protein and MCT-based calories—when needed, as well.


I recommend the Medtrition protein products to all of my colleagues and friend who work at other facilities. We plan on continuing to use these products. Also, your field team is very aware, and up to date, on changes and new products and ideas.


I’m a Registered Dietitian, Renal Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Diabetes Educator at a major Boston-area hospital. We use all of the protein formulas that are made by Medtrition, including their ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein, ProSource Dual-Action Powder, and XtraCal Plus.

Renal Nutrition Specialist