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Product Information

ProSource Protein Powder provides the benefits of whey and casein combined: whey for muscle enhancement, casein for muscle repair.

Whey, a protein derived from milk, is considered a fast-acting protein because its impact on postprandial (after-eating) protein metabolism is fast, high (amino acids are available immediately), and transient. The amino acids derived from whey typically are associated with protein synthesis and oxidation rather than the inhibition of protein breakdown, which is why whey is used to build muscle tissue.

Casein, the main protein found in milk, has a slower absorption profile, so it releases amino acids into the blood more slowly than whey. Casein’s slower profile is an essential requirement for reconstructing broken-down muscles.

Where whey primarily stimulates protein synthesis for muscle enhancement, casein inhibits protein breakdown, allowing run-down muscles to rebuild and repair. Working together in ProSource Protein Powder, whey and casein assist in the relief of many conditions requiring high-quality protein.

Food Service Director for a large facility that has a lot of Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients we have a number of problems that we deal with. Our staff prefers powdered protein because it is easy to administer. We’ve tried most proteins but use ProSource Dual Action Protein from Medtrition because it is made in America and is really easy to use. It mixes with yogurt, apple sauce, and many other foods. I’d recommend it to anyone.
Food Service Director