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ProSource ZAC

ProSource ZAC is specifically formulated to provide the nutrients for the dietary management of non-healing wounds and pressure injury that require additional protein. ProSource ZAC contains 10 mg of Zinc, 175 mg of Vitamin C and 21 grams of protein.

Conditions: For the dietary management of pressure injuries, Stage 1 and Stage 2 wounds.

Lactose Free. Gluten Free. Sugar Free.
Appropriate for a clear liquid diet.

Can be used orally or through a feeding tube.
Not a sole source of nutrition.

Medical Food.
ProSource ZAC Liquid Protein is a medical food. Use under supervision of a qualified medical specialist.

I work in a LTAC facility where most patients have multiple problems – they’re diabetic, overweight, fluid restricted and have some type of wound. It is pretty tough meeting their protein needs without excess calories and fluid. We start them out on the ZAC and once their wound has closed, we change them to the Orange Creme no carb. It is so nice to finally have an answer for these patients! Thank you.