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The daily dose of RenaMent is determined according to the resident intake and individual needs as assessed by the dietitian or qualified healthcare provider. In general, however, two to three servings per day are suggested.

Oral Dosing: Shake to loosen powder. Simply add to 120 mL of cold water. Stir/shake briskly and serve.

Tube Feeding: Mix one packet with 90 mL of water. Stir until completely dissolved. Infuse via syringe down feeding tube. Flush tube with 30 mL water before and after administration.
Do not mix with tube feeding.

Shelf life after being mixed with water: refrigerate and use within 2–3 days.

We have been using RenaMent on one of our frail renal dialysis residents who needed the extra calories while his fluids were being restricted. It is difficult to find low-volume, renal-friendly supplements, so it was nice to find this shake which he states is “delicious.” It has helped him maintain his weight and nutritional status while keeping within his fluid restriction!
Cassie Baillargeon, RD, Horace Nye Home