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Item Number: 15203 500 gram jar L-Glutamine
Billing Code:
Packaging: 1/500 gram jar

Item Number: 15204 300 gram Jar L-Glutamine
Billing Code:
Packaging: 1/300 gram jar

Item Number: 15207 15 gram packet L-Glutamine
Billing Code:
Packaging: 60/15 gram packets

Item Number: WS1527 15 gram packet L-Glutamine
Billing Code:
Packaging: 20/15 gram packets

I have experienced very positive outcomes when using Medtrition’s glutamine supplement, GlutaMent, with our oncology population. Using the supplement to treat gut integrity, mouth sores, and, in particular, chemo-induced neuropathy, has not only provided continued positive results but has increased the quality of life for all our patients while undergoing cancer treatment as well as post treatment. I would highly recommend GlutaMent as an option when treating oncology patients.
Kelly O'Connor, RD, LDN, CDE Outpatient Oncology Dietitian Institute for Cancer Care Mercy Medical Center Baltimore MD