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UtyMax should be used prophylactically to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. It can be used in conjunction with antibiotics.

ORAL USE: Mix one packet with 120 mL (4 oz.) of water or other suitable fluid. Stir and drink.
Can be used once or twice a day.

TUBE FEEDING: Mix one packet with 30 mL of water. Stir until completely dissolved. Infuse via syringe down feeding tube. Flush tube with 15-30 mL water before and after administration.
Do not mix with tube feeding.

UtyMax SDS.pdf
UtyMax has been beneficial in a set trial of individuals with indwelling Foley catheters and chronic reoccurring urinary tract infections. The rates of infection have decreased. Resident acceptance of this product has been quite favorable. We have been using this product for roughly 1.5 to 2 years. Prior to use of UtyMax, less favorable outcomes were achieved.
C. Zimmer RN, BSN, Head RN, Skilled Nursing, Elmwood Gardens