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What our customers have to say.

As a Registered Dietitian I value Medtrition’s real food approach to healing. I have experience with Banatrol Plus and UtyMax and although I have not done scientific research with these products I can say that they have worked for my residents in long term care and I value having another option to try other than the usual medications.

H. Richter, RDN, Fingerlakes Center For Living, Auburn, NY

UtyMax was the first Medtrition product that we used widespread in our facility, and it won us over like no other. It is an amazing supplement that has helped our residents in the prevention of symptomatic UTIs. It has helped improve residents quality of life. Without a doubt, we use it on all residents who come to us with a history of recurrent UTIs, or those who are susceptible such as those with indwelling catheters. I highly recommend UtyMax as the go-to product for preventing UTI’s, as we’ve seen first-hand how effective it is.

Cassie Baillargeon, RD, Horace Nye Home

UtyMax is currently being used in our facility, it supports the urinary track and helps to reduce occurrences of UTIs, and also it’s an effective prophylactic against recurring UTI. The only problem with UtyMax, we cannot get it from our food company unless it’s special ordered. Amazing supplement.

Deb Nooks, RD, Mountain View Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers

UtyMax has been beneficial in a set trial of individuals with indwelling Foley catheters and chronic reoccurring urinary tract infections. The rates of infection have decreased. Resident acceptance of this product has been quite favorable. We have been using this product for roughly 1.5 to 2 years. Prior to use of UtyMax, less favorable outcomes were achieved.

C. Zimmer RN, BSN, Head RN, Skilled Nursing, Elmwood Gardens

I wanted to report our success using UtyMax. Nine of our elderly female residents who had recurring UTI’s were started on a daily UtyMax regimen 8 weeks ago. We are very pleased with the results so far. Of the nine residents, eight have not had any symptoms of a UTI since beginning the UtyMax, which is remarkable considering their previous history. Only one patient has had a UTI in the interim, and it is interesting to note that her compliance levels were the lowest of the group. Thank you for providing an effective, reliable, cost-effective and good-tasting medical food for prophylactic use in treating residents with stubborn UTI’s.

Aaron Bowman, Director of Nurses, Avalon Nursing Home, Warwick, RI

I’m writing to let you know our experience with UtyMax, Urinary Tract Preventative was very effective. We started and trialed the UtyMax on 15 recurrent UTI’s and within 2 months we were down to 0. We found that the UtyMax was an excellent alternative to antibiotics. We also like that the UtyMax doesn’t cause upset issues with those on the program. We did find that it is better to keep patients on UtyMax because they were all prone to Urinary Tract Infections and relapse when we discontinued the daily dosing. Today we keep all chronic UTI patients on UtyMax.

MS, RD, LDN at a 160 bed Nursing Home in MA
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