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VitaMent is a powdered all-in-one Vitamin and Mineral Supplement designed for Metabolic Stress that is mixed into water or juice. It is easy to swallow, easy to dispense and readily absorbed without having to crush pills for tube feed or for patients who have difficulty swallowing.

Higher levels of key micronutrients (click here for the Key Micronutrients pdf) to reduce oxidative stress and support wound healing – Vitamins C, B Complex and E, Choline, Zinc and L-Carnitine. VitaMent is Iron and Vitamin K Free, and does not contain Phosphorus or Potassium for greater patient application.
An orange flavored powdered instant drink mix, which is a high potency vitamin and mineral supplement for patients with increased metabolic stress related to difficult to heal surgical or pressure related wounds as well as from acute and chronic illnesses, surgery, trauma and aging . When prepared according to directions, VitaMent is a sugar free thin liquid which can be taken orally or through a feeding tube. As a powdered instant drink mix, VitaMent is more potent and is absorbed faster than tablet or capsule forms vitamin/mineral supplements — it does not contain binders or non-nutritive, potentially harmful substances such as artificial colors, lead or nickel. VitaMent is also Vitamin K, PABA and iron free to reduce the risk of food-drug interactions. VitaMent taken twice a day provides the suggested vitamin and mineral balance to prevent and/or correct micronutrient deficiencies due to metabolic stress.
VitaMent is designed as an instant powder to liquid to yield a high potency supplement which can be readily absorbed by the stress bowel. Even under normal conditions, typical tablet and capsule vitamin and mineral supplements are difficult to breakdown. In the clinical setting, it is common to observe vitamin pills in a patient’s stool, having passed through the GI tract intact. This is especially true for patients with ostomies and elderly patients, both of whom experience impaired digestion/nutrient absorption. VitaMent is specifically formulated to meet the micronutrient needs for patients with metabolic stress and oxidative stress associated with illness, surgery, pressure ulcers and non-healing surgical wounds in one to two 4 ounce servings instead of six to eight separate pills – less inventory, less time to administer, easier to swallow, more potent and readily absorb.

A Medical Food.
Use under supervision of a qualified medical specialist.