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Protein and Calories for Dysphagia Patients on a Clear Liquid Diet

Gelatein Plus solves one of the most difficult problems in healthcare: giving ample protein and calories to dysphagia patients or residents who are on clear liquid diets.
Gelatein Plus provides 150 calories and 20 grams of high quality protein in 4 ounces of great tasting lemon, pineapple or cherry gelatin. Our Gelatein line of ready-to-eat gelatins are appropriate for nectar-like, honey-like and pudding consistencies.
As one clinician recently told us, “A patient on a clear liquid diet who also has dysphagia is a complete nightmare because there are no easy-to-use supplements that provide adequate calories and protein that can be thickened and which the patient will actually eat. The ‘clear’ protein drinks that are available  mix horribly with thickener and taste terrible when thickened. And the kitchen staff really has no idea how to thicken to an appropriate consistency, which puts the patient at risk.”
Gelatein Plus and sugar free Gelatein20 provide the perfect solution to those who need extra protein and calories with swallowing problems as well as those undergoing dialysis, oncology treatment and recovering from bariatric surgery.

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