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Residents Agree-Our Thickened Milk is Delicious!

Café Dairy thickened dairy is the best thickened milk  on the market. It is homogenized and pasteurized and then flash frozen so that it has the look and taste of fresh milk. Shelf stable aseptically packed milk has a grayish color, is overly thick.  And boxed milk has a cooked taste and only comes in 8 oz. or 1 liter boxes so unless a facility wants to spend the labor pouring 4 oz. servings, they  are relegated to serving 8 oz drinks. It is no wonder that less than 50% of an 8 oz. box of shelf stable thickened milk is consumed.  Cafe Thickened Dairy is available in 2 consistencies to help serve your dysphagia population: Nectar- IDDSI level 2 or Honey-IDDSI level 3.

Cafe Thickened Dairy by Medtrition

We get an incredible number of comments and compliments  from facilities that have made the switch to Cafe Dairy.

“Residents are consuming the entire 4 oz. carton because it tastes like milk!”

“A 4 oz. portion is less intimidating than 8 ounces.”

“Everyone is so happy that the residents are drinking milk again instead of it being poured down the drain.”

“The traditional styled carton of Café Dairy looks familiar to everyone!”

The saving to the facility  serving a 4 oz. Café Dairy is 50-70 cents per patient per day!

Better quality, 100% patient acceptance and huge savings for the facility makes Café Dairy a winner for everyone!

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