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Solving Diarrhea with Banana Flakes

Banatrol Plus is the number #1 selling natural anti-diarrheal for diarrhea and loose stools from C. diff, antibiotic use, enteral tube feeding and chemo therapy and radiation treatment.
Banatrol Plus is a dual acting medical food containing two key ingredients; banana flakes and Bimuno prebiotic which act together to reduce the severity and length of time patients experience diarrhea while restoring the balance of beneficial gut flora.
Banana flakes are high in pectin which creates a gel-like substance in the intestine to thicken the stool without stopping or slowing gut motility. Banatrol Plus can be used as soon as C. diff is suspected which helps stop the spread of the infection on bed linens, blankets and carpet.
Bimuno prebiotic is a patented,second generation trans-galatooligosaccharide that is clinically proven to feed only the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.
Banatrol Plus is a medical food not a medicine. It can be used safely for all forms of diarrhea and loose stools; it is non-habit forming, will not decrease absorption of medications nor create hard stools or constipation.  It can be used prophylactically at the start of cancer treatment, antibiotics or tube feed formulas known to cause diarrhea.
Clinically proven to improve outcomes, Banatrol Plus dramatically reduces the cost of care and improves both patient and staff satisfaction. Using Banatrol Plus has been proven effective to control diarrhea regardless of cause.

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