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The Best Pureed Foods!

At a recent cutting for a large national account, our Café Puree product line of pureed, reformed foods won hands down and across the board on taste, appearance, ingredients, moistness of the product, ease of de-molding and variety against competition.  They had tested the competitive meats and vegetables and were ready to implement until they were introduced to additional variety.  They wanted to add Pizza, bacon, fruit, desserts  to their menu selection.
Key selling points that excited the account:CP-meats
·      Number of Gluten Free items on our menu.
·      30% less sodium across the entire product line.
·      Café Parfait desserts have the same amount of sugar as a NSA shake.  Variety is needed for NSA and diabetic residents. They loved the desserts!
·      Presentation – They have experienced issues with competitors products coming out of the mold which resulted in loss of shape and wasted product in left in the mold. Because our molds are so dense they release from the mold much easier not jeopardizing the shape and zero waste with product in the mold.
·      The depth of our molds are key to discussing moisture, appearance, and de-molding.
·      Our single serve molds are easier to use than perforated trays that  need to be separated which reduces waste.  Perforated trays cause more waste because they can break the seal to another mold.
·      They loved our variety pack options for smaller facilitates.CP-vegetables
·      21 gram pureed meats delivers that same amount of protein as a 3 oz. chicken breast and allow them to eliminate a nutritional supplement for protein. (I can’t say that they said it will eliminate a supplement but they saw the value in having 21grams of protein.)
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