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Wound healing requires adequate nutrition.

Acute and chronic illness, trauma, surgery, pressure ulcers and malnutrition trigger an inflammatory response which creates an altered nutritional utilization resulting in inflammatory malnutrition and poor wound healing.
Nutrition deficiencies impede the normal processes that allow progression through stages of wound healing. Malnutrition has also been related to decreased wound tensile strength and increased infection rates. Malnourished patients can develop pressure ulcers, infections, and delayed wound healing that result in chronic non-healing wounds. Chronic wounds are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality for many patients and therefore constitute a serious clinical concern. Because most patients with chronic skin ulcers suffer micronutrient status alterations and malnutrition to some degree, current nutrition therapies are aimed at correcting nutrition deficiencies responsible for delayed wound healing.
Protein is perhaps the most important aspect of the diet when healing from a wound. Energy (calories from carbohydrates and fats), amino acids, antioxidants and minerals (zinc) are also important. However we often forget that arginine and glutamine, considered dispensable amino acids in healthy individuals,  now become deficient resulting in decreased protein synthesis.
Typically it is difficult or impossible for hospital patients or nursing home residents to consume enough tray food to meet the nutritional demands of wound healing. While traditional nutritional shakes are high in calories they typically deliver only an extra 6-9 grams of protein which risks overfeeding calories to deliver 30-40 grams of extra protein a day. ArgiMent AT with the nitrogen equivalent of 31.7 grams of intact protein perfectly complements the diet to provide the protein and nutrients to promote wound healing.

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