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Stop tubefed patients’ diarrhea, not gut motility.

See How Easy It is To Administer

Banatrol TF solidifies stool without causing constipation. For the first time, nurses can easily administer liquid fiber to relieve the burden of cleaning diarrhea and spare patients the emotional and physical harm it causes.

1) Open

2) Attach

3) Squeeze

The fast-paced care in an ICU requires multiple lines of intervention. And while vital, modular nutrition is often labor intensive and time consuming.

Can also be taken orally.

Banatrol TF is part of the next generation of modular nutrition.

For facilities that are not yet ENFit® compatible it’s still as easy as:

1) Open

2) Squeeze package into a cup

3) Syringe into tube
  • Nurses can administer quickly and easily
  • Liquid fiber formula
  • Direct administration, no mixing or stirring
  • Made with banana flakes, soluble fiber and prebiotics
  • Promotes long-term gut health
  • Helps meet ASPEN critical care guidelines for diarrhea intervention

Banatrol TF—manage diarrhea from day one.

Banatrol TF can be administered when a patient has diarrhea and prophylactically to prevent diarrhea as soon as a patient begins tube feeding. Banatrol is used by hospitals and patients across the country.

The Banatrol TF formula helps meet 2016 ASPEN critical care guidelines for diarrhea intervention — 10-20 grams of fermentable soluble fiber to be given in divided doses over 24 hours for those who have signs of diarrhea.*

How it works

Banatrol TF is all natural and contains resistant starch to feed the good bacteria in the gut and pectin to help absorb water and improve the stool consistency. Clinical studies show the benefits of soluble fiber in nutrient absorption, gut motility and stool characteristics. Prebiotic fiber plays an important role in the microbial balance of the GI system.

Bimuno® prebiotic- Nearly 100 published studies show the efficacy of Bimuno®. It is the most effective and most tested prebiotic on the market and helps repopulate bifidobacterial bacteria, which is essential for gut health.

Ready for the new standard

Banatrol TF is ENFit® compatible. ENFit® is a global change to make all tube-feeding devices specific to tube feeding. It’s a safety initiative to prevent line misconnections and is becoming the new standard, globally. Banatrol TF attaches directly to ENFit® tubes to make administration easier than ever.

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Two packets per day to align with the ASPEN critical care guidelines for diarrhea intervention.


water, banana flakes, fibersol-2 (soluble vegetable fiber), bimuno, prebiotic (gaactooligosaccharides, lactose, glucose, galactose), apple pectin lma, gellan gum

Item No. 18801 Banatrol TF
Comes in pack of 60/2oz(60ml) pouches

* McClave, S.A., Taylor, B.E., Martindale, R.G., Warren, M.M., Johnson, D.R., Braunschweig, C., McCarthy, M.S., Davanos, E., Rice, T.W., Cresci, G.A., Gervasio, J.M., Sacks, G.S., Roberts, P.R., Compher, C., and (2016), Guidelines for the Provision and Assessment of Nutrition Support Therapy in the Adult Critically Ill Patient. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, 40: 159-211.