No mixing or stirring
ENFit is easier to administer
All natural
No risk of occlusion
Promotes long-term gut health

Banatrol TF

Controls the severity of diarrhea naturally,
and now ENFit compatible!

  • Made with banana flakes, soluble fiber, and prebiotics
  • Promotes long-term gut health
  • Helps meet ASPEN critical care guidelines for diarrhea intervention
  • Banana flakes and soluble fiber Banatrol TF contains both resistant starch and natural pectin.
  • Bimuno helps repopulate bifidobacterial bacteria, which is essential for gut health.

Banatrol TF helps relieve the burden of cleaning diarrhea. It spares patients the emotional and physical damage caused by diarrhea and helps improve overall gut health. 

Water, Banana Flakes, Fibersol-2®(soluble vegetable fiber), Bimuno® Prebiotic (galactooligosaccharides, lactose, glucose, galactose), Apple Pectin LMA, Gellan Gum.