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Nutrition Intervention in the Burn Population

Nutrition plays a major role in the treatment and resolution of burns.  Navigating the healing process can be challenging with the prevalence of physiological changes that patients also experience.  While preservation of lean body mass is top priority, we must also keep in mind immune system function and its ability to fight off infection, which […]

Improving Intake with the Dysphagia Diet

It is estimated that one in twenty- five adults will experience a swallowing problem (dysphagia) in the US.  While diagnosis and treatment may vary, intervention and symptom management remain fairly consistent. Dietary intervention is often dependent upon the origin of swallowing problem, but most commonly includes a modification of food texture and beverage thickness to reduce […]

Nutrition in the ICU: Understanding the Caloric Balance

Patients in the ICU on mechanical ventilation are at increased health risk if they are continuously overfed. Overfeeding can lead to and hypercapnia making it more difficult to be weaned off the ventilator. Overfeeding can also lead to complications as well as exacerbation of current conditions. Patients who are malnourished may experience issues with refeeding syndrome if […]

FDA Announces Updates to Dietary Fiber List

On June 14, 2018 the FDA announced that it will expand their definition of dietary fiber. In 2016 the FDA made a decision to redefine the term dietary fiber, taking the category from over 26 sources of dietary fiber to 7.  The new change had mixed reviews.  Some thought the shift would make understanding fiber’s […]

Barriers of Bariatric Surgery

  The obesity epidemic continues to affect our population both in the US and worldwide. While there are constant and continuous initiatives to aid in the reversal and management of this dilemma some patients need more support than the traditional intervention program can provide. For patients requiring more aggressive intervention, bariatric surgery may be a […]

Tube Feeding Awareness Week February 5th-9th 2018

February 5th to 9th is Tube Feeding Awareness week. Its estimated that nearly half a million Americans are living with feeding tubes. The focus of Tube Feeding Awareness Week is to promote awareness and acceptance in the clinical and public setting. It is important to highlight the benefits of tube feeding as an essential part […]

Blood Thinners, Vitamin K and the Dysphagia Diet

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Complications related to cardiovascular disease often require pharmaceutical intervention to ensure appropriate management. One common medication that is used is Coumadin (generic-warfarin). Coumadin is an anticoagulant that helps thin the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots and helping overall flow. Because Coumadin […]

A letter of thanks

We strive to do our best in our mission to help people feel better but often are not able to truly understand the impact that we have on our customers.  We were blessed to help a caregiver provide her father with the intervention he needed to not only heal but also improve his quality of […]

Banatrol Plus vs Hyfiber

Because of the similarities between Banatrol Plus and Hyfiber- both are high fiber- there can be some confusion on their use for bowel management. It is important to know their likeness as well as differences to truly be able to utilize both products to their fullest extent. While both products are mainly soluble fiber, it’s vital to understand […]

Clear Liquid Conundrum

Patients often require a clear liquid diet when admitted to the hospital. The clear liquid diet, while often necessary, is very restrictive. Its purpose is to relieve thirst, and prevent dehydration. The components of the diet are typically easily digestible, leaving minimal residue in the gut. Instead of the typical empty calories that often come […]