Expedite Cup

Healing from the inside out. Our line of wound care products are specifically formulated to provide enhanced levels of protein, vitamins and minerals to support wound healing.
Expedite Cup
Now available in a pre-thickened cup for dysphagia -IDDSI level 4 extremely thick
A unique, liquid wound supplement with the powerful combination of dipeptides and L-citrulline to support wound healing
ArgiMent AT
High protein/nitrogen for staged wounds
Sugar Free/20 grams of protein
Gelatein Plus
20 grams of protein/160 calories
ProSource Liquid Protein
10 grams, 100 calories
ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein
15 grams of protein, sugar free
ProSource Plus Liquid Protein
15 grams of protein, 100 calories
ProSource Protein Powder
Whey and Casein protein powder
ProSource ZAC Liquid Protein
18 grams protein, sugar free